Mission Team

“I know our Mission Teams are in the right place when we pass other so-called aid teams in the airport evacuating their personnel”

-HASF Mission Team Member  
  Iraq Kurdistan

Our Mission Teams consist of Emergency Room Nurses, Pediatricians, Dentists, former Department of Defense Contractors, Logistics Specialists, Linguists and U.S. and Australian Military Veterans who at great expense both professionally and financially to themselves, volunteer their skills and time to join our Mission Teams. 

HASF Mission Teams deployed to The Philippines after Typhoon Haiyan to provide humanitarian aid to affected islands that were previously unable to receive aid due to supply convoys being attacked by armed insurgents. 

Additionally we have successfully completed three Humanitarian Aid missions to Iraq Kurdistan where we were able to help thousands of Christian and Yazidi IDP’s in need of Food, Water, Shelter, Sanitation, and Medical and Dental Care. We were also able to assist the Kurdish Peshmerga with Medical Supplies and other much needed assistance to support their valiant efforts in repelling ISIS.