“It is humbling when you see a donation for a odd amount like $8.47, and then you receive an email from the person who donated saying 'after paying my bills this week, this is all I had left. I am sorry I could not give more’. That someone would give all they had down to the last penny to help someone on the other side of the world is inspiring to say the least. I let them know ‘You helped someone in the worst time of their life today and I think of your generous deed everyday’” 

-James Price
 HASF Founder


HASF can only exist because of you. Your generous donations are the only reason we are able to protect those who might not be able to protect themselves and help empower the people that change the world. Like you, we don't run at the first sign of danger, and we're not afraid of a little hardship if it means making our world a better place. 

Your trust in us is valued, so at HASF we ensure that 100% of your donation is tasked responsibly and ethically put towards achieving our mission. For us that means, not only making sure we can stand behind every dollar we spend, but also that every dollar has the impact of 4 or 5 dollars!

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