Yes, dogs are welcome at the dinner table at the HASF HQ, sorry mom :(

Yes, dogs are welcome at the dinner table at the HASF HQ, sorry mom :(

Hello to all the supporters of HASF,

I just wanted to let you know about our new HASF Team Dispatch. I have wanted to start some sort of blog here on the HASF website for a while. So I started looking around at other nonprofits and aid groups and checking out their newsletters and blogs to see if I could get any good ideas from them.

I saw one big issue with most nonprofits that have a blog or newsletter, they are pretty boring and all they do is just ask you for money. Not knocking the groups themselves, and especially not the great work they are doing to help people. But I have to be honest and say I have found a cure for my insomnia in reading nonprofit blogs. 

I did not want the HASF blog or newsletter to be boring, so I thought why not run it just like any other magazine where we write and film for entertainment and fun. It will be focused around the work HASF does,  with a focus on the cool and interesting things the HASF Team Members do day to day on an International Humanitarian Aid and Security Team. 


The Dispatch will be typo laden stories about our missions, an inside look at the men and women of the HASF Mission Team and Reserve M-PSD Teams, some pretty cool videos we are working on, more live video Q&A’s with the Team, the gear we use on our missions, how the HASF Teams Train and keep healthy on and before missions, and a ton of other cool stuff for you.

So check back here for all the above cool stuff we will be posting soon, or even better – sighn up below and get a heads up every time we post something new.

Thanks a ton and on behalf of the HASF Team, we are all excited  to go on this journey with you and are looking forward to you getting to know us more.

Thank You,

James Price