James Price

James Price
Founder, Executive Director
HASF - Humanitarian Aid Security Forces

“I never forget that I was born an orphan, abandoned on the street in a post-war impoverished country. America has gifted me with endless opportunities for prosperity. HASF gives me the chance to return some of that prosperity to those in the world without prosperity and liberty”.

James Price, adopted son of a son of a pastor and his wife spent his youth in Virginia hiking the Appalachian Mountains and misbehaving in school. James spent a decade in the Middle East as a Civilian Contractor for the US DoD, US State Department and various US Intelligence Agencies. Previously, James worked in the private security industry in Southeast Asia and the United States. In Iraq and Kurdistan James successfully completed over 1000 PSD, Combat Convoy and Secure Material Courier Missions. 

In 2015, James proudly volunteered with the KRG Peshmerga Special Forces as a sniper in the trenches outside of Mosul.  James founded HASF to use the skills he learned working in war zones so he and others could help those in need in places considered too dangerous for other Aid Groups. 

212-202-0415 (Text/Voice USA)