HASF Mission Team Members

HASF Intelligence Analyst
Kurdistan Mission I - Photographer
Honduras Mission - TOC Operator

Daniel Borghouts is one of HASF's intelligence analysts. Daniel started his working life as a rifleman at 17. After being medically discharged from the Australian Defense Force in 2010, he went on to complete his apprenticeship as a boilermaker. During this time, Daniel volunteered as a writer on the news, politics and tech desks for The Australia Times. Later, Daniel worked as a private investigator, specializing in worker's compensation investigations on behalf of law firms and insurance companies.

Daniel deployed at short notice on HASF's first mission to Iraqi Kurdistan as a media officer and photographer. He currently serves as-needed on HASF's Tactical Operations Center commander, HASF's CONUS team that provides monitoring and intelligence services for all Mission Teams.

Full Time Team Member  
Honduras Mission - M-PSD Assistant Team Leader  

After spending most of his childhood studying various martial arts, Eric worked as a Mormon missionary in Brazil. Returning from Brazil, he worked for ten years in manufacturing and engineering before leaving his home behind and joining HASF full time. 

During his manufacturing and engineering years, Eric focused on design and process optimization while improving himself with various professional development courses with DVM Training Center and other training organization.

Eric provided security to La Cima World Missions in Honduras, allowing medical professionals to concentrate on their work and improving the confidence of local pastors and community organizers. He has also provided residential security to members of the US military targetted by ISIS, assisting security surveys and providing security patrols so that America's bravest can sleep well at night

Engineering/ R&D/ IT
Honduras Mission - TOC Operator

Conor has over ten years experience in mechanical, electrical and software engineering. He has designed complex automation for major manufacturing firms and is listed on several patents. Conor has worked in Asia, Europe, and Mexico. He has left his full time job and now is a valued member of HASF.

Conor is a member of HASF’s M-PSD Team and a Tactical Operations Center Operator providing monitoring and intelligence services to Mission Teams. He has also provided technical advice to members of the US Armed Forces targeted by ISIS.


Kurdistan Mission I - Team Medic
Kurdistan Mission II - Medical Director

David Hale is a certified Emergency Room Nurse, Paramedic, and holds several Wilderness Medical Endorsements. When Dave is not on HASF Missions he works full-time in the ER of a major hospital in Illinois. 

Dave previously served in the US Army, after being Honorably Discharged from the military he became a Journalist working for various media companies before receiving his Nursing Degree. Dave led the Mission Medical Team in Iraq Kurdistan, working with local physicians, and HASF Medics, coordinating medical triage for Internally Displaced Persons living in temporary camps. 

Prior to volunteering with HASF, Dave volunteered with his church on Humanitarian Aid Medical Missions in refugee camps on the Burmese Border in Thailand. 

Kurdistan Mission I - Assistant Team Leader

Josh is an active Protective Services Professional. He has a background in the personal protection industry combined with Logistics Operations experience. Josh deployed with HASF to Kurdistan.